Client: Spectra Centers

Realizing the Remarkable.

Amy K. Gearhard opened the doors to Spectra Centers in 2003, as she says, “with a couple of staff, a handful of clients, and a mission to change the world.” Since then, Spectra Centers has continued to revolutionize how Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental conditions are treated. Following their unique Interdisciplinary Intervention Model, Spectra Centers focuses on a collaborative approach where multiple disciplines work together to improve the lives of their clients. For Spectra Centers, it became essential to rebrand and develop a much more informative website to showcase their mission, vision, and story in order to continue to grow and impact the lives of more people.
Throughout the design process, we collaborated closely with the founder and conducted interviews with team members to understand and distill Spectra Centers’ key value drivers and points of differentiation. We quickly discovered Spectra Centers is composed of staff members, clients, and families who support, collaborate, and care for each other. 
During the development of the Spectra Centers brand, we drew inspiration from the trusting relationships and seamless collaboration that drives Spectra Centers’ success. The use of a color spectrum represents the many ways in which light is displayed, symbolic to the many ways people with ASD or other special needs express their own unique talents and personalities. Furthermore, although the colors of the spectrum are unique, they meld with one another in an effortless and organic manner. This represents how through teamwork, unity, and knowledge transfer, Spectra Centers is more than the sum of its parts, offering tremendous capabilities that enhance the lives of students, adults, and families.   
To more fully communicate the Spectra Centers story, Domoto designed and developed the organizations’ website and social media presence – based on strategically expanding the reach of educational resources and meaningful content. Continued collaboration on Spectra Centers’ social media platforms, digital marketing, and blog content helps to encourage audience engagement, sharing of information, and sustained community growth, while bringing additional awareness to ASD, neurodevelopmental, and behavioral issues. Spectra Centers’ future grows brighter every day, as does the light that shines in the people they serve. They continue to inspire us every day.
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