Client: Maxfield’s

Envisioning a future where farm-to-table is as close as your own backyard.

Where does your food come from? Our friends at Waste Farmers want to make sure that you know the answer to this question, which is why they introduced a line of rich, organic soil products perfectly suited for the urban agriculture movement. Maxfield’s products help mend a broken food system by promoting a closer relationship with our food and our planet, allowing each of us to grow food, eat well, and live full. From the start of the Maxfield’s concept, Domoto has been involved in shaping the brand, fueled by the passion of our friends and the community they have built.
Domoto carefully crafted a brand that appropriately represents America’s farming roots, while conveying the optimistic future within each bag of Potting Soil, Planting Mix, and Soil Conditioner. Domoto developed all product packaging, marketing collateral, the brand video and website, tradeshow booth, “microbrewery” exterior signage, and delivery truck graphics. Today, Maxfield’s is sold at retailers large and small within Colorado, as well as in Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, and Wisconsin.
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