Client: Historic Splendid Valley

Developing a brand that preserves farming heritage and blazes a trail for a bright agricultural future.

You might be surprised to learn that just a hop, skip, and a jump from Denver’s rapidly expanding metropolis exists approximately 5,000 acres of productive farmland continuing to supply Colorado and the country with delicious, high-quality agricultural products. This region is shared by the City of Brighton and Adams County, adjacent to Barr Lake State Park, and nestled along the banks of the South Platte River in a valley abundant with loamy, rich soil and vast mountain views. From this vantage point, one can capture a glimpse of Colorado’s agrarian roots where farmland is preserved and connections to food, nature, history is maintained.
Domoto was charged with naming and developing a brand for this area. Given that many of our team are Colorado natives, this responsibility was an honor and something held close to the heart. Through extensive stakeholder engagement, vast amounts of learning, deep dives into historical archives, and considerable collaboration with dedicated commissioners, a brand name was developed, authentic to the ethos and origin of the area – “Historic Splendid Valley.”
The spark igniting powerful brands are seldom created, but rather uncovered. Historic Splendid Valley is an excellent case-in-point. The name dates back to 1881 when former railroad man Daniel F. Carmichael filed for the first plat (or official plan) for the new townsite of Brighton. Despite drought and other challenging conditions that made farming and ranching difficult, optimism prevailed. According to his obituary in the Brighton Blade dated March 3, 1911 he “took a fancy to the place and determined there should be a town here that would be a credit to the splendid valley of the Platte.” Carmichael had faith in the future. The brand echos this optimism and shines a light on all that is possible in the years to come.
The Historic Splendid Valley identity was designed to evoke optimism as well as nostalgia. The key figure is a heroic female farmer carrying a basket brimming with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Behind her are lush fields, nourished by the waters of the South Platte River. The brand is meant to be iconic, drawing visitors to a unique place that is authentically Colorado. It is a badge of quality to be searched for in the produce sections of grocery stores and on the labels of homegrown products. Finally, it is a reminder that the most important parts of our cultural fabric should be honored and protected, so generations to come can experience powerful connections to the land, people, and products that nourish us in a plethora of ways.
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