Client: AvidMax

Helping a values-driven fly fishing brand realize its maximum potential.

Something indescribable happens when a fly, presented with gentle accuracy, encounters the gentle riffle of the water. One is filled with serenity and peace, while, at the same time, paradoxically existing in a state of full-throttle anticipation. This is the plight of the fly fisher, an existence that we at Domoto know all too well. It seems only appropriate, whether by chance or by destiny, that we would have the opportunity to work with one of the preeminent retailers of fly fishing and outdoor lifestyle products—AvidMax.
AvidMax is a technological pioneer and trusted source for fly fishing products from many of the outdoor industry’s most respected brands. Through its website and retail store, the company provides everything the fly fishing newbie or avid enthusiasts would want, ranging from reels and rods to fly tying materials and accessories, apparel, watercraft, and camping gear. Planning an adventure? One need look no further than AvidMax. In an effort to best communicate their brand story, enhance their technology, and prepare the company for the future, AvidMax approached Domoto for guidance. Given our mutual love for the outdoors and fly fishing, we were delighted to help.
To fully understand the DNA of the AvidMax brand, Domoto conducted significant internal and external stakeholder outreach to uncover valuable insights and honest opinions. We endeavored to understand all aspects of this company, including the desires of employees, customers, and partners, in order to capture the beating heart of the brand. Informed by stakeholder feedback, Domoto worked with company leadership to refine the company mission, values, and brand promise, while simultaneously creating a new brand identity to better reflect who AvidMax is today and aspires to be in the future. Finally, we embarked on a comprehensive reimagining of the AvidMax website with an emphasis on enhancing the user experience, featuring curated product collections, tutorials, and fly fishing advice in order to make a destination for all those who enjoy life on the water.
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