Proud to (B)

By Drew Domoto
May 1, 2018

It is with great pride that we announce that Domoto Brands LLC has re-certified as a B-Corporation! We are proud to join a global community of nearly 2,500 companies that meet rigorous standards for environmental and social performance as well as public transparency and legal accountability.

Domoto Brands first became a B-Corporation in early 2016. However, the genesis of our B-Corp journey goes back much further. The year was 2008, and I (Drew Domoto) was in my first year as an MBA student at the University of Colorado Denver. On the recommendation of a friend, I attended the Net Impact North American Conference, that year held at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. While inspired by a variety of new and innovative ideas presenting business as a force for good, the concept of the B-Corporation really stood out as memorable. It had always been my dream to start my own company and the ability to embed sustainable and socially impactful practices as part of the business model served to further inspire my entrepreneurial aspirations.

Building on the B-Corporation spark, in 2010 I drafted a business plan outlining a new type of strategic branding agency; one which would embrace sustainability and effectively communicate responsible business efforts as part of the brand building process. Moreover, our business approach would be far more inclusive, taking into consideration the broader concerns of stakeholders, in addition to just customers. This agency would be a B-Corporation serving mission-driven organizations, other B-Corporations, as well as larger corporations seeking to leverage sustainability as a value creator while enhancing differentiation around their respective brands. As you may have suspected, that business plan became the foundation for what is now Domoto Brands LLC.

While the business plan projected that Domoto Brands would become a B-Corporation within a year, it actually took us longer than expected. However, even in the earliest years of the business, becoming a B-Corp was always a part of our strategic road-map. Now as a B-Corporation who has re-certified, one thing is certain: becoming a B-Corporation has been one of the most gratifying and rewarding aspects of building Domoto Brands. It has challenged us to be better, to explore new ideas, and adopt mechanisms for adding value as a business, as an employer and as citizens of the planet. The B-Corporation impact assessment continues to be a valuable measuring stick for our business, and also dovetails nicely with the services we offer our clients as they look to establish and improve their own responsible business initiatives. We’ve been fortunate to have worked with fellow B-Corporations and have taken great joy in sharing new ideas with the B-Corp community at events like the Champions Retreat.

As we announce our B-Certification re-certification, we’re still just beginning to explore all that we can achieve as a company. When I look at some of the remarkable work our fellow B-Corporations are doing locally and in the world, I can’t help but feel the same way I did back in 2008: inspired, optimistic, excited and empowered. Domoto Brands is grateful to be part of the B-Corporation movement and eager to see what the future holds for this incredible community.

Thank you for reading our Domoto Digest blog post! We hope you found this information valuable. If you would like to discuss how Domoto can help you further enhance your brand, please contact us and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

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