Earth Day Checklist: Tips for a Safer, More Impactful Earth Day Clean Up

By Domoto Brands
April 21, 2022

Earth Day Checklist: Tips for a Safer, More Impactful Earth Day Clean Up

Happy Earth Day! As many of us prepare to take part in community clean up events to give back to our planet, it’s important to remember to do so safely. Preparation is key to making the day of volunteering safe, impactful and fun! 

We’ve compiled a checklist of the best tools to have on-hand during your clean up, some helpful day-of reminders, as well as fun ways to engage and share your experience. 

Earth Day Clean Up Kit Recommendations:

  • Gloves (the thicker the better) 
  • Comfortable, closed-toe footwear 
  • Durable pants 
  • Trash Picker or Kitchen Tongs 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Sunscreen
  • A Bag for Both Recyclables and Non-Recyclables 
  • Friends (Or walking app, detailed below) 

What to Do Before/During Your Earth Day Clean Up: 

  • Wear gloves. Thicker work gloves offer the best protection when you aren’t sure what you’ll encounter. Don’t forget to carefully cover any open wounds before you start your clean-up. 
  • Comfortable closed-toe footwear. Wear comfortable shoes and remember that closed-toe is best so it’s less likely you’ll trip and if you do, your feet are protected.
  • Durable clothing. Since a lot of the garbage you’ll be picking up will be “off the beaten path” you want to be protected for anything so be sure to wear pants and bring a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee, just in case. 
  • Bring hand sanitizer. Thoroughly cleanse your hands on-the-go! A helpful tip is to set your phone timer for every 15 minutes and have the group sanitize each time your alarm goes off. 
  • Use a trash picker.  It makes clean ups easier and faster while also protecting your hands. If you don’t have one, a pair of kitchen tongs work too! 
  • Bring a friend. There’s always safety in numbers but if you don’t have a companion to go out with on Earth Day, consider using the free Walksafe or Your Companion apps that allow you to alert the authorities in an emergency or let a friend know if you’re feeling unsafe. The contacts you choose to add will see your path in real-time, making it easier to locate you in an emergency or simply watch to make sure you’re alright. Even better? If your phone is dropped and not retrieved within 15 seconds, Companion automatically calls 911. 
  • Keep a recycling and non recycling bag handy. Making sorting on-the-go easier by keeping a bag for both recyclables and garbage. Remember, it’s important to recycle or compost what you can! 
  • Don’t attempt to pick up anything questionable. Leave hazardous items to the professionals! Think you see…a needle, blood, waste…whatever you do, don’t touch it! In most places, you can call your local municipality to report these items and they will have their fully-prepared teams out to clean up. Snap a pic and send it their way making note of the exact street or closest landmark.
  • Have a family briefing before. Bringing your young planet ambassadors? It’s great to get them started early with altruistic endeavors like Earth Day to give back and show them that they, too, can make a big impact! Before you do, remember to brief them on what to pick up and not. If they’re not old enough to make that decision on their own, ask them to play “Planet Hero.” Ask them not to pick anything up until you’ve given them the okay. Make it extra fun when each time you locate trash that looks safe for them to pick up, say “Activate Planet Hero” or another fun saying letting them know they are good to clean it up. If you have an extra cape or blanket at home, let them play the part in full hero attire! 
  • Up for a game of #Trashtag? – This Earth Day social media trend implores folks to take before and after images of the area they cleaned and share them using the hashtag #trashtag. And let’s be honest, what’s more fulfilling than seeing the before and after pics of your hard work that paid off. 
  • Or are you more of a plogger? Plogging is another hashtag trending on social media. While jogging, individuals quickly stop to pick up any trash they see. Go ahead, join the #plogging community and see how fast you can make an impact! 

After Earth Day Clean Up Checklist: 

  • Throw out the trash you cleaned. Although it’s not always obvious, most dumpsters are not free to use and can result in a penalty (and maybe even bad karma 🙂 ) so make sure you only clean up what you know you can safely and legally dispose of. Use your home can or dumpster and if you don’t have one, ask a friend if they will let you use theirs for Earth Day. 
  • Take a speedy 5 minute shower. Why 5 minutes? Because the water you save each shower also makes you more of an Earth Day hero!
  • Post some pics. Be proud and show off what you’ve accomplished to your social media followers or text your family and friends. Seeing what you’ve done may also inspire them to join in!
  • Celebrate! What an impact you’ve made! You deserve some time to celebrate your accomplishments this Earth Day and take a moment to think about how you can be more environmentally friendly every day of the year.
  • Share with us. It’s inspiring and empowering to see what others are doing today and every day to show their love for our planet! Share with us using the hashtag #DoMoreTogether. 


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