Domoto Dialogue: Content is King

By Ben Martisius
June 29, 2018

It’s been over one year since Domoto Dialogue launched and we’re more excited about it than ever.

Now you might be wondering, “What exactly is Domoto Dialogue?”

Domoto Dialogue is our digital advertising and social media service that furthers our commitment to keeping client brands top of mind while promoting meaningful exchanges between customers, stakeholders and influential audiences. It’s important to recognize that continuity between a brand and its message is key to developing cohesion and understanding. In many situations we’ve provided our clients with in-depth guidance related to their brand’s mission, core values, and messaging approach.

Therefore, it only seems natural that we would continue that effort in the digital space to effectively compel others to join the journey. We have doubled-down on ensuring that every touch-point contributes toward a more meaningful relationship.
Here’s a snapshot of the services we offer:

• Digital Advertising (Google Display Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
• E-mail Marketing
• Paid Search (Google AdWords)
• Social Media Strategy and Management
• Infographics
• Video

Watching Domoto Dialogue grow in wonderful and unexpected ways has been a personal highlight for me this year. As Digital Marketing Specialist, I have been fortunate enough to work alongside our content creation, video and design team to develop a bright idea into a fully-featured, value-engine for our clients.


Brands are not something you can set and forget. Their reputations aren’t created overnight in a vacuum, but rather by delivering on the brand promise time and time again while engaging with stakeholders in new and surprising ways. More than ever, consumers desire experiences that are unique across platforms.

Jordan Kretchmer, GM of Adobe Livefyre and Adobe Social, stated in a recent CMO article titled “In The Age Of Customer Experience, Content In Context Is King,” that 89% of businesses expect they are going to compete based on experiences. At the heart of every good experience is relevant, contextual, and engaging content, making design, data, and intelligence an imperative for all organizations competing in the experience era.”

We like to approach social media and digital communication activities with one eye on experience-creation and another on desired outcomes, thereby highlighting the brand and strengthening its relationship with the public. Over the last year we have seen more engagement, conversions and good-will built than ever before, resulting in overall stronger brands and happier customers who are willing contribute their comments, time and money to companies they know and love.

We’ve gained insight from amazing people and are constantly finding new, consumer-friendly opportunities to improve. Moreover, we’ve enabled our clients to further leverage the value in every dollar spent, allowing them to more effectively target their audience based on key demographics and behavioral attributes. Based on these enhanced capabilities, it’s no wonder that social media advertising spend will outpace the entire TV ad market within the next two years, according to an April article in The Guardian.

This is what it’s all about. Bettering brands by listening and working with the people who support them.

Where will Domoto Dialogue go from here?

Last year we planted the seeds for Domoto Dialogue. Thanks to the momentum we’ve built this year, we now expect to bloom bigger and brighter than ever. Our digital advertising processes are always adapting to the changing social media landscape, with a watchful eye on reconfigured algorithms and policy changes. We never stand still and wholly embrace the idea that our digital best practices must constantly evolve. Every campaign, post, email or video is carefully crafted to ensure that we are maximizing each connection.

This is because Domoto Dialogue offers a series of moments. By combining our creativity, experience and determination to make personal connections, we believe that we have built an important resource for our clients that better positions their brand for the rapidly changing communications ecosystem that’s become a part of our daily lives.

The launch of Domoto Dialogue has resulted in a year of growth, happy clients and new hirings, which we fully expect to build upon. We can’t wait to see how Domoto Dialogue continues to evolve and we look forward to helping many more clients build their social and digital communities.

Thank you for reading our Domoto Digest blog post! We hope you found this information valuable. If you would like to discuss how Domoto can help you further enhance your brand, please contact us and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

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