B’s of a Feather Change the World Together

By Drew Domoto
July 28, 2021

Great minds think alike. Like minds work well together. When great minds who think alike choose to work together? Now that’s a recipe for success. 

Every time Domoto has had the opportunity to work with a fellow B Corp, we have welcomed it with open arms. The evolution of these projects, from conception to execution to outcome, continues to serve as a powerful example of what B Corp companies with complimentary service offerings can accomplish through a shared approach to business and a shared vision for a project. 

Domoto Brands has been a member of B Corp since 2016, however, we have thought like a B Corp since our agency’s inception. Our business plan was predicated upon us becoming a B Corporation, serving fellow B Corporations and purpose driven businesses who consider the needs of a diverse and inclusive community of stakeholders. From the beginning, Domoto Brands has been an agency that places just as much of an emphasis on sustainability consulting as a key ingredient to enduring and resilient branding. In fact, our very first client was (and continues to be) a B Corporation. 

When we are able to work with companies who approach business in the same way, we are able to do amazing things. It is this shared sense of purpose that makes the B Corp network so powerful. Through the years, we have found that working with our fellow B Corporations has garnered positive results because of a congruent business philosophy with similar outlooks on what success means. Most obviously, B Corps generally place sustainability at the center of their business, which makes highlighting the beneficial aspects of the brand and communicating in an authentic manner easier because the dedication is real. B Corps are leaders in creating business mechanisms that make their companies great places to work and that produce positive outcomes beyond the functional benefits of their core product or service alone. In the B Corp world, there is no shortage of what has been done to support a company’s position as a responsible business – the antithesis of greenwashing which focuses so much on what will be done, often with little supportive evidence for a path ahead. Further, the approach to brand building and community building is viewed from a long-term time horizon that is more strategic and takes into consideration brand and business continuity, resiliency, and profiting communities, society, and ecosystems in addition to the business itself. 

The B Corporation community helps make the connections that make collaboration possible. Together, empowered by a shared understanding of businesses’ power to improve the world, we can work together to realize the change we seek to see, which is gratifying for both the client and Domoto as their partner. It is these sustainable relationships that will move us closer to a sustainable economy: The B economy. As B Corps continue to grow, it is our hope that we continue to see our community of B Corporations seek out one another as preferred partners, and work together to create exponential change in our world. The greater the value of the B economy, the greater chance it will have to become the new status quo, which will raise the bar for all business. This is the reason Domoto is always excited by other B Corps and why we always welcome a conversation with them – our friends, our partners, our community. 

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